Casting: Strong, McAuliffe, Baruchel, Weaver

Ad Inexplorata
Mark Strong (“Low Winter Sun”) is set to join Mark Elijah Rosenberg’s “Ad Inexplorata” with filming to begin in 2014.

Strong plays a NASA pilot alone on a one-way mission to Mars. Josh Penn, Matthew Parker, Thomas B. Fore and Jason Michael Berman will produce. [Source: Deadline]

Callan McAuliffe (“I Am Number Four,” “Kite”) and Lorraine Nicholson have joined the cast of Akan Satayev’s $5 million Canadian indie film “Hackers”.

McAuliffe an ambitious teen techhead member of a secret Internet criminal network called DarkWeb. Nicholson plays one of the fellow members of the network. Filming begins at the end of this month in Toronto, NYC, Dubai and Thailand. [Source: Deadline]

“Good Neighbors” director Jacob Tierney and actor Jay Baruchel are re-teaming for the indie dramedy “Baseballissimo” at A71 Productions and Gefilter Productions. Baruchel and Jesse Chabot penned the script based on the novel by Dave Bidini.

Baruchel plays a young Canadian minor league baseball player bound for major league stardom until his attitude gets in the way and he finds himself in a coastal town in Italy under odd circumstances.[Source: THR]

Maya the Bee Movie 3D
Jacki Weaver, Noah Taylor and Miriam Margolyes will voice key characters in the 3D Aussie animated film “Maya the Bee Movie,” based on the 1970s cartoon series which was rebooted last year.

Weaver plays the hive’s control freak Royal Adviser, Taylor her loyal assistant,and Margolyes plays the Queen of the Hive. Alexs Stadermann helms from a script by Fin Edquist. [Source: THR]