Casting: Stevens, Oldman, Fisher, Sanada

Night at the Museum 3
Dan Stevens (“Downton Abbey,” “The Fifth Estate”) is set to join Ben Stiller and Robin Williams in Shawn Levy’s “Night at the Museum 3” at 20th Century Fox. Shooting begins in February.

Stevens will play Lancelot, the movie’s villain. The action is set in London this time with Stiller returning as security guard Larry Daley. [Source: Heat Vision]

Panzer 88
“Robocop” remake stars Gary Oldman and Jay Baruchel along with Thomas Kretschmann are reportedly in talks to star in Peter Briggs’ long in development WW2 supernatural thriller “Panzer 88” for Carnaby International.

Set in 1944 along Russia’s Eastern Front, a the defeated crew of a German tank is retreating across the icy tundra when they pick up a stranded SS officer. They soon become targeted by a vengeful and unstoppable mythical entity. [Source: Bloody Disgusting]

Isla Fisher, Ellen Barkin and Jim Parsons are in negotiations to star in Kevin Greutert’s “Visions” for Blumhouse Pictures.

Lucas Sussman penned the script about a pregnant woman who joins her husband at his vineyard home and begins to have unsettling visions that get increasingly more realistic and terrifying. [Source: Deadline]

Japanese actor Hiroyuki Sanada (“The Wolverine,” “47 Ronin”) is set to co-star with Halle Berry in the summer drama event series “Extant” for CBS. Berry plays an astronaut who returns home and tries to reconnect with her husband and son.

Her experiences in space and home lead to events that ultimately will change the course of human history. Sanada will play a wealthy technological genius who privatized the world’s space programs into a single entity. [Source: Deadline]