Casting: Stevens, Balfe, Lerman, Morgan

How to Be Single
Dan Stevens, Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann and Alison Brie are in negotiations to star in New Line’s romantic comedy “How to Be Single”. Christian Ditter helms the film adaptation of Liz Tuccillo’s 2008 novel.

The story focuses on singlehood from both the female and male perspectives, and suggests it is not our relationships, but our single times in between, that define us. [Source: THR]

Money Monster
Caitriona Balfe (“Outlander”) will join George Clooney, Julia Roberts and Jack O’Connell in Jodie Foster’s real-time financial thriller “Money Monster” at TriStar. Clooney plays a bombastic television stock huckster whose program is taken hostage by an outraged gunman (O’Connell).

As much of the world watches live, he must keep himself alive with the help of his producer (Roberts). Balfe will play the head of PR for the company whose stock bottomed, causing the life’s savings of O’Connell’s character to be wiped out. [Source: THR]

The Wife
Logan Lerman, Frances McDormand, Brit Marling, Christian Slater and Jonathan Pryce will join Glenn Close in Bjorn Runge’s US-Swedish drama feature “The Wife”. Filming begins in the Fall in Stockholm and New York.

Close will play the elegant Joan Castleman, a flawlessly gracious wife who gladly gave up her writing ambitions to play the role of helpmate to her philandering literary giant husband (Jonathan Pryce). On the eve of his Nobel Prize for Literature, Joan decides to leave him. [Source: Screen]

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has joined the cast of the second season of the Halle Berry-led CBS sci-fi drama series”Extant” in a regular role. Berry, Pierce Gagnon and Grace Gummer are the only regulars to return in the new season.

Morgan will play J.D. Richter, a roguish womanizer and a cop of the future who is a mercenary/bounty hunter. He is freewheeling, hard-drinking and fearless, an everyman who thought he had seen everything until Molly (Berry) enters his life. [Source: THR]