Casting: Shatner, Fiennes, Laffety, Huffman, New

Ted 2
William Shatner is reportedly set to cameo as himself in the upcoming “Ted” sequel which is currently filming in Boston.

Shatner will be appearing at a superhero fan convention to answer questions about his role in “T.J. Hooker,” and will grow quickly annoyed as fans keep asking him about “Star Trek”. [Source: Moviefone]

Waffle Street
James Lafferty (“One Tree Hill”) will star in Ian and Eshom Nelms’ upcoming indie drama “Waffle Street”. Filming begins in Utah next week.

Lafferty plays a $30 billion hedge fund vp who loses his job in the recent market crash. He finds work as a waiter in a 24-hour diner, where he meets Edward Collins (Danny Glover). [Source: THR]

The Preppie Connection
Logan Huffman (“We Gotta Get Out Of This Place”) has joined the cast of Joe Castelo’s 1980s private school drug ring film “The Preppie Connection”.

Huffman plays Ellis Tynes, a wealthy student dating popular girl Alexis Hayes (Lucy Fry). Ellis treats lower class scholar Toby Hammel (Thomas Mann) with disdain until he learns he’s a drug dealer. [Source: Deadline]

Under the Bed
Hannah New (“Black Sails,” “Maleficent”) has joined the cast of Daniel Myrick’s thriller “Under the Bed” at Appian Way, Radar Pictures, Sobe Brook Entertainment and Schizo Pictures.

New plays a young woman trying to get over a recent romantic breakup, while unbeknownst to her, an obsessed stalker befriends her on social media while taking up residence in her home. Filming begins early August. [Source: Heat Vision]