Casting: Robbie, Arias, Henrie, Martin, McShane

Dangerous Odds
“The Wolf of Wall Street” actress Margot Robbie is poised to play Marisa Lankester in the upcoming “Dangerous Odds” which Andrea Berloff is adapting the script for.

Lankester is a young woman who became an insider atop the largest illegal sports betting organization in the U.S., she eventually became a victim of this dangerous world of corruption and ultimately escaped to now live in Switzerland. [Source: Deadline]

Moises Arias (“The Kings of Summer”) has joined the cast of Timur Bekmambetov’s historical epic “Ben-Hur” at MGM and Paramount Pictures. Jack Huston, Morgan Freeman, and Toby Kebbell also star in the film which begins shooting shortly in Europe.

Arias will play Gestas, a teenage Jewish zealot whose family has been murdered by the Romans, who is desperate to fight for his people’s freedom. [Source: THR]

David Henrie (“The Wizards of Waverley Place”) is set to play a young Ronald Reagan in a new $25 million indie biopic about the former U.S. president. Howard Klausner (“Space Cowboys”) adapted the script from two biographies by Paul Kengor.

The new film is told from the point of view of a KGB officer keeping tabs on Reagan since his days as an actor, SAG president and staunch anti-communist. No director is yet attached. [Source: THR]

Frankenstein Chronicles
Anna Maxwell Martin, Charlie Creed-Miles, Ed Stoppard, Elliot Cowan, Hugh O’Conor, Joe Tucker, Kate Dickie, Lalor Roddy, Patrick Fitzsymons, Richie Campbell, Ryan Sampson, Samuel West, Shaun Mason, Steve Wilson, Steven Berkoff, Stuart Graham, Tom Ward and Vanessa Kirby are all set to join Sean Bean in the six-part period crime drama series “The Frankenstein Chronicles”.

Rainmark Films is producing the reinvention of Mary Shelley’s classic tale in which Bean plays an inspector assigned to track down the person responsible for a corpse that washed up on the banks of the Thames – a crude assembly of body parts arranged in a grotesque parody of a human form. Filming begins next week in Northern Ireland. [Source: THR]

Ray Donovan
“Deadwood” actor Ian McShane is set to play the recurring role of Malcolm Finney in the upcoming third season of Showtime’s “Ray Donovan”. Finney is a prominent movie producer and billionaire who hires Ray (Liev Schreiber) to get his family out of a potentially catastrophic situation. [Source: TV Line]