Casting: Poots, Vaughn, Parker, Garner

Need for Speed
Imogen Poots (“Fright Night”) is in negotiations to play the female lead in Scott Waugh’s film adaptation of the popular racing video game series “Need for Speed” at DreamWorks.

Poots will play a savvy exotic car dealer who connects the wealthy with high-end supercars. Aaron Paul (“Breaking Bad”) plays the male lead. [Source: THR]

Triple Time
Vince Vaughn has signed on to star in Peter Billingsley’s action-thriller “Triple Time” at Scott Pictures. Michael J. Wilson and Billingsley co-wrote the script. Vince and Victoria Vaughn will produce.

The story follows a broke U.S. marshal (Vaughn) tasked with escorting an ecoterrorist. When their transport plane explodes, the unlikely pair must work together to figure out who is behind the conspiracy. [Source: Variety]

Sarah Jessica Parker will star in Tom Vaughan’s indie coming-of-age comedy “Mixtape”. Shooting kicks off in February in New York.

The story centers on a 12-year-old girl who never knew her mother. She finds a mixtape that once belonged to her mom and accidentally destroys it, so she sets out to track down each of the obscure songs listed on the cassette. [Source: Variety]

Dallas Buyers Club
Jennifer Garner is in talks to star in the true story drama “Dallas Buyers Club”. It’s unknown what role she’ll play, but the key part of a cross-dresser has yet to be cast.

Matthew McConaughey plays a man who was given six months to live after contracting AIDS in 1986, but lived another six years by illegally smuggling medicine into the U.S. and making sure a lot of other sufferers got them too. [Source: Deadline]