Casting: O’Dowd, Angarano, Duplass, Vacation

Thor: The Dark World
Comedian Chris O’Dowd (“Bridesmaids,” “The IT Crowd”) has confirmed that he has shot a one scene cameo, a date scene with Natalie Portman, in the upcoming “Thor: The Dark World”. [Source: Indiewire]

Michael Angarano will co0star in the Simon West-helmed remake of the 1986 Burt Reynolds film “Heat”. Jason Statham plays Nick, a recovering gambling addict working as a for-hire tough guy.

Angarano will take over Peter MacNicol’s role of Cyrus Kinnick, a tech billionaire who hires Nick as a bodyguard and gambling tutor. [Source: Deadline]

Mark Duplass has scored a key role, while Susan Sarandon is in early talks to join the New Line comedy “Tammy” about a woman (Melissa McCarthy) who loses her job and discovers her husband is cheating, then hits the asphalt with her foul-mouthed grandmother.

She meets a man (Duplass) on her trip and they develop a strange relationship. McCarthy wrote the script with husband Ben Falcone, who will direct. [Source: Deadline]

Christina Applegate is in negotiations to play the wife of Ed Helms’ Rusty Griswold character in the “Vacation” reboot at New Line.

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein penned and will direct sometime in the second quarter. The new version follows Rusty, the son character from the previous films who now has his own family misadventures on the road. [Source: Variety]