Casting News: Teller, Rhys-Davies, Anvar

Fantastic Four
“The Spectacular Now” star Miles Teller is rumoured to be in contention to play Mr. Fantastic in the upcoming “Fantastic Four” reboot at 20th Century Fox.

Insiders caution that Fox hasn’t even brought on a casting director yet, but Teller reportedly met with Trank and is rumored to be the director’s top choice. [Source: The Wrap]

Alex In The Afternoons
John Rhys-Davies (‘The Lord of the Rings’) will star in Markus Innocenti’s indie noir thriller “Alex In The Afternoons” for Hurbinek Productions and Love Lea Films.

Rhys-Davies will play Signore Voza in the story of a model (Hannah Cowley) connected to a series of disturbing disappearances. [Source: Deadline]

The Vatican Tapes
Cas Anvar (“Source Code”) has been cast in Mark Neveldine’s “The Vatican Tapes” at Lakeshore Entertainment. Anvar will play Dr. Fahti in the demonic possession drama. [Source: Deadline]