Casting News: Courtney, Gilbertson, Fry

Jai Courtney (“A Good Day to Die Hard”) has been cast in Matthew Seville’s “Felony”. Joel Edgerton plays a decorated cop who, after a celebratory night out, runs a cyclist off the road. split-second decision to lie about the incident changes everyone’s lives forever.

Courtney will play a detective who suspects Edgerton’s character is lying and gradually builds a criminal case against him. [Source: Deadline]

Australian actor Harrison Gilbertson will star in Marc Carter’s horror flick “Haunt” which will shoot next month. Gilbertson plays an introverted teen that makes friends with his new neighbor.

As the duo becomes romantically involved, they also begin to explore the haunted house Ethan’s family has unknowingly just moved into and discover a terrifying alternative dimension. [Source: Deadline]

Writer, broadcaster and comedian Stephen Fry will lend his voice to the 12-part documentary series “Mankind The Story of All of Us” for U.K. pay TV channel History.

The documentary combines CGI and dramatic reconstruction to tell the story of mankind. It is slated to premiere next month. [Source: THR]