Casting News: Cooper, Lanter, Manning

My Dinner With Herve
Dominic Cooper (“Mamma Mia,” “Captain America”) has joined the cast of “My Dinner With Herve”, the indie biopic of French dwarf actor Herve Villechaize who is best known for his roles on TV series “Fantasy Island” and 007 film “The Man With The Golden Gun”,

Peter Dinklage stars as Herve while Cooper will play the reporter who gets the final interview before Herve committed suicide in 1993. Sacha Gervasi penned and will direct the drama which will shoot next year. [Source: ]

A Chance of Rain
“90210” star Matt Lanter has landed the lead role in Cindy Gustafson’s indie drama “A Chance of Rain” currently shooting in Michigan.

The story follows a young man who, while trying to bring water to a destitute village in Africa during a horrible drought, encounters his own problems, challenges and struggles. [Source: Variety]

A White Trash Christmas
Taryn Manning (“Hustle & Flow,” “8 Mile”) is set for the lead role in Ron Carlson’s indie “A White Trash Christmas”.

Carlson and Terri Hauffman co-wrote the Christmas Carol-inspired story which centers on the tribulations of of a trashy, whiskey-soaked, unemployed hairdresser and mother (Manning) who is visited by three ghosts who try to show her a path to a brighter future. [Source: Deadline]