Casting News: Aftershock, Fear, Plush

“Hostel” filmmaker and “Inglourious Basterds” actor Eli Roth will produce and star in the earthquake thriller “Aftershock”, the English language debut from Chilean director Nicolas Lopez.

The story revolves around an insane asylum on an island, where the inmates escape during the quake. Roth and Lopez wrote the story together and the film is currently four weeks into production in Chile. Selena Gomez also makes a cameo. [Source: Deadline]

Nothing to Fear
Clancy Brown and Ethan Peck have joined the cast of Anthony Leonardi III’s horror thriller “Nothing to Fear” at Slasher Films.

Anne Heche and James Tupper are already on board for the movie which centers on a family whose journey towards a better life in a small town is savagely derailed by a charismatic but emotionally conflicted man of the cloth (Brown).

Peck will play a townsperson with a past. Rob Eric, Michael Williams and guitarist Slash will produce. [Source: Heat Vision]

Evan Rachel Wood and filmmaker Catherine Hardwicke, who both exploded onto the spotlight with 2003’s critically acclaimed “Thirteen”, could be re-teaming for the erotic thriller “Plush”

Hardwicke wrote the script with Artie Nelson with the action set in the L.A. music world. [Source: The Hollywood Reporter]