Casting: Murphy, Goldwyn, Reed, O’Connell

Cillian Murphy has joined the cast of Wally Pfister’s directorial debut “Transcendence”. Johnny Depp plays a scientist whose consciousness is uploaded after his physical form is killed.

Murphy plays one of the three lead roles, the remaining one being played by Paul Bettany. Murphy has previously worked with Pfister on the four of the last five most recent Christopher Nolan films. [Source: Latino Review]

Tony Goldwyn (“Scandal,” “Ghost”) has joined the cast of the film adaptation of Veronica Roth’s young adult novel “Divergent” at Liongate’s Summit Entertainment.

Goldwyn will portray Andrew, the father of Shailene Woodley’s lead character Tris Prior. The project is currently filming in Chicago. [Source: Screen]

Murder of a Cat
Nikki Reed has joined the cast of Gillian Greene-Raimi’s black comedy “Murder of a Cat” as a character named Greta.

The darkly comic noir follows a guy trying to unravel the mystery around the murder of his pet cat. Fran Kranz, Greg Kinnear and J.K. Simmons also star. [Source: Deadline]

Jack O’Connell (“Skins,” “Eden Lake”) has joined the cast of Yann Demange’s Northern Ireland action thriller “’71”. Paul Anderson, Richard Dormer, Sean Harris, Martin McCann, Charlie Murphy, Sam Reid and David Wilmot also star.

O’Connell plays a young soldier who has to survive the night on the dangerous streets of Belfast in the chaotic early years of “The Troubles”. Playwright Gregory Burke penned the script and an eight week shoot began in Yorkshire on Monday. [Source: THR]