Casting: Moura, Lewis, Bracey, Lathan

Bozo The Clown
Wagner Moura (“Elysium”) is set to play one of the Brazilian versions of beloved children’s TV personality Bozo the Clown in a new film about the character to be directed by “Elite Squad” editor Daniel Rezende.

Moura will most likely play actor Arlindo Barreto, the most famous Brazilian Bozo, who became a cocaine addict and ultimately a pentecostal preacher. [Source: Omelete]

Secrets and Lies
Juliette Lewis has scored the starring role in ABC’s U.S. adaptation of the Australian drama mini-series “Secrets and Lies”. Lewis plays Andrea Cornell, the formidable detective conducting the investigation.

Ryan Phillippe stars a loving father who becomes the prime suspect in the murder of the 4-year-old son of his neighbor when he finds the body whilst out for a jog. [Source: The Live Feed]

The Best of Me
Luke Bracey (“G.I. Joe: Retaliation”) has joined the cast of the Nicholas Sparks adaptation “The Best Of Me” at Relativity. Bracey will play the younger version of James Marsden’s leading male character.

The story follows two former high school sweethearts who return home for a friend’s funeral and reignite their past romance, only to discover that what drove them apart years ago could pose even more serious threats now. [Source: Deadline]

Ad Inexplorata
Sanaa Lathan (“Aliens vs. Predator”) has joined Mark Elijah Rosenberg’s indie sci-fi tale “Ad Inexplorata”. Josh Penn and Matt Parker will produce.

Mark Strong plays a NASA pilot on a solo mission to Mars, while Lathan will play Captain Emily Maddox, a captain on one of four other ships making the trek to the red planet. [Source: Deadline]