Casting: Ming-Na, Headey, Forbes, Mann

6 Miranda Drive
Ming-Na (“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”) has signed on for an unspecified role in “Wolf Creek” director Greg Mclean’s new micro-budget thriller “6 Miranda Drive” for Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures.

The story centers on a family who become terrorized by a supernatural entity they unwittingly bring home with them from their Grand Canyon vacation. Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell play the couple. [Source: Deadline]

Jacqueline Ess
Lena Headey (“Game of Thrones”) has signed on to star in Jovanka Vukovic’s adaptation of Clive Barker short story “Jacqueline Ess”. Filming begins later this year.

The story follows a young woman who has the ability to transform the body shapes of other people at will. She can also grant men the ultimate sexual experience, although it results in their death. [Source: Screen]

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay
Michelle Forbes (“True Blood,” “The Killing”) has signed on to play Lt. Jackson in the “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2,” the upcoming final film in the saga.

In the novel, Jackson was a soldier from District 13’s Squad 451. She’s a sharpshooter whose farsighted vision allows her to shoot at distant objects without a scope. [Source: IGN]

Las Madres
Leslie Mann (“The Other Woman”) is attached to star in the fugitive comedy “Las Madres” for DreamWorks Pictures. Lona Williams (“Drop Dead Gorgeous”) wrote the original script.

The story follows three unemployed friends who are running out of options in today’s current economic climate. They decide to try and track down a wanted criminal to claim the reward for his capture. [Source: Variety]