Casting: Knight Rises, Bond 23, War Z

The Dark Knight Rises
Actor Christopher Judge, best known as Teal’c in the various “Stargate” TV series, has scored a role in Chris Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises”.

The announcement of whom he will be playing in the film was not revealed, but he’s expected to shoot his scenes during the upcoming Pittsburgh leg of shooting. [Source: Batman News]

James Bond 23
Rhys Ifans has shot down reports that he’ll be appearing in the upcoming James Bond movie.

“No I’m not,” Ifans said definitively. Ifans was linked as a potential cast member in the Sam Mendes-directed film last week. [Source: MTV]

World War Z
Elyes Gabel, who played Rakharo in six episodes of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” has joined “World War Z” for Paramount Pictures.

Gabel will play a character named Fassbach in this Brad Pitt-led film which explores a global zombie take-over 10 years after the fact. [Source: The Hollywood Reporter]