Casting: Irons, Hoffman, Seyfried, Keating

The Man Who Knew Infinity
Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel have joined “The Man Who Knew Infinity,” a biopic of Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Matthew Brown will direct and penned the script based on Robert Kanigel’s biography.

Irons will play G.H. Hardy, the English mathematician who brought Ramanujan (Patel) from India to Cambridge University. Edward R Pressman (“Reversal of Fortune”) produces with shooting to begin next year. [Source: Screen]

Untitled Lance Armstrong Project
Dustin Hoffman has joined the cast of Stephen Frears’ currently filming untitled Lance Armstrong project at StudioCanal and Working title. The production is about to head to the United States for its final bit of filming.

The story follows the career of Armstrong (Ben Foster) from his battle against cancer through his seven Tour de France victories and the doping scandal that brought him down. Lee Pace, Chris O’dowd, Guillaume Canet and Jesse Plemons also star. [Source: Screen]

He’s F-ing Perfect
Amanda Seyfried has signed on to star in the Jake Szymanski-helmed comedy “He’s F-ing Perfect” at Universal Pictures.

The story follows a young woman who social media stalks the men her friends are dating so she can check to make sure they’re not weirdoes. She soon learns one of her best friends’ new loves is everything she’s looking for in a man, so she sets out to convince the friend to dump him. [Source: THR]

Postman Pat
Former Boyzone frontman Ronan Keating will provide the singing voice of the title character in Mike Disa’s currently in production “Postman Pat: The Movie 3D” opening May 23rd 2014.

Stephen Mangan stars as Pat’s speaking voice while Jim Broadbent, Rupert Grint and David Tennant also star. Kim Fuller, Annika Bluhm and Nicole Dubuc penned the script. [Source: Screen]