Casting: Ifans, Bellucci, Drucker, Roberts

Rhys Ifans is being sought to star in the Chapman brothers’ trippy feature “Metamorphosis”. Colin Vaines will produce.

A loose spin on the Franz Kafka short story, the plot deals with an insect who awakens to discover that he has become human. [Source: Screen]

Love and War
Actress Monica Bellucci and Serbian filmmaker Emir Kusturica are teaming on “Love and War” which Kusturica will direct.

Kusturica plays a soldier who chooses to end his life as a monk, Bellucci plays his lover. Paula Vaccaro will produce. [Source: Screen Daily]

The Blue Room
Lea Drucker has been cast in Mathieu Amalric’s “The Blue Room” at Alfama Films. Amalric and Stephanie Cleau will also star in the project based on the novel by George Simenon.

The story follows a couple who meet secretly to make love in the blue room at the Hotel des Voyageurs. They exchange what they think are innocent words after sex but their encounter has very bloody consequences. [Source: Screen Daily]

TV Casting
Emma Roberts will join ‘Coven,’ the upcoming third season of FX’s “American Horror Story”. Details on the character are being kept under wraps.

Meanwhile, Billy Baldwin will guest star on the second season of BBC America’s “Copper”. Baldwin will appear in the final two episodes of the upcoming season as a Tammany Hall fixer. [Source: The Live Feed]