Casting: Haley, Riley, Ward, Perry

Jackie Earle Haley is signing on while Jay Baruchel is circling Jose Padilha’s “Robocop” remake at MGM.

Haley will play Maddox, the man who dispenses the military training to Robocop (Joel Kinnaman). Gary Oldman, Hugh Laurie, Samuel L. Jackson and Abbie Cornish are also set. [Source: Deadline]

British actor Sam Riley (“Control,” “On the Road”) will play the title role in Iain Softley’s adaptation of Sir Walter Scott’s epic “Ivanhoe” at Morena Films and Egoli Tossell Film New GmbH. The project is being shot on 65mm with a script adapted by John Brownlow and James Jacks.

Set in 1194 after the failure of the Third Crusade, the action follows Wilfred of Ivanhoe, a Saxon who is out of favor with his father for his allegiance to the Norman king Richard I of England (aka Richard the Lionheart). What follows is a complicated story with many intersecting character arcs and subplots. [Source: Screen Daily]

Two Guns
Fred Ward is joining the cast of Baltasar Kormakur’s action thriller “Two Guns” at Universal Pictures.

Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington play a Navy SEAL and a DEA agent, respectively, who work together to steal millions from the CIA – despite not knowing each is doing so undercover. [Source: Variety]

Red Wing
Luke Perry, Frances Fisher and Joelle Carter have all signed on while Bill Paxton is in negotiations to join Will Wallace’s love story “Red Wing”. Shooting kicks off later this month in Whitewright, Texas.

Kathleen Orillion’s script is set in a small Texas town and contains a twist, no further plot details are forthcoming. Wallace is the step-son of Terrence Malick, who developed the script. [Source: THR]