Casting: Grant, Davis, Kulig, Sparks, Mendes

Casting Grant Davis Kulig Sparks Mendes

Dispatches from Elsewhere
Richard E. Grant, Eve Lindley and Sally Field have joined the hour-long anthology series “Dispatches From Elsewhere” at AMC. Jason Segel created and stars in the series which will begin shooting ten episodes in Philadelphia early next year.

The story centers around a group of ordinary people who stumble onto a puzzle hiding just behind the veil of everyday life. They will come to find that the mystery winds far deeper than they ever imagined. [Source: Variety]

Mackenzie Davis (“Blade Runner 2049,” “Terminator: Dark Fate:”) has joined Jon Stewart’s next directorial effort, the political comedy “Irresistible” at Focus Features. The story follows a Democratic political consultant (Steve Carell) who helps a retired ex-Marine colonel (Chris Cooper) run for mayor in a small Wisconsin town. Rose Byrne co-stars while Brad Pitt’s Plan B will produce with Stewart. [Source: THR]

The Eddy
Joanna Kulig (“Cold War”) has joined the cast of Damien Chazelle’s Paris-set upcoming musical drama series “The Eddy” for Netflix. Filming begins on location in Paris later this year. The story revolves around a club, its owner, the house band, and the chaotic city that surrounds them.

Kulig will play Maja, an alcoholic singer who is resisting committing to her on-again-off-again partner, jazz pianist Elliot (Andre Holland), but her other options don’t look so great, either. She’s adrift, at a crossroads where every direction looks like a dead end. [Source: Variety]

Castle Rock
Paul Sparks (“House of Cards”) will replace Garrett Hedlund as legendary bully John ‘Ace’ Merrill in the second season of Hulu’s “Castle Rock”. Sparks will star alongside Lizzy Caplan, whose casting was previously announced.

In the series, Ace is taking over his uncle’s (Tim Robbins) businesses and jeopardizing the unsteady peace with nearby Jerusalem’s Lot. Hedlund had already filmed a few scenes, which will now be reshot. [Source: Deadline

Camila Mendes (“Riverdale”) has been set to topline the Michael Scott-directed original film “Windfall” for Netflix. Mendes stars as Katie, a young woman who abandons her medical profession dreams in order to support her husband’s ambitions.

David Golden pens the story which centers around a young couple, Katie and Adam, struggling to make a successful life for themselves. After finally landing in the right place at the right time, the couple find themselves in the middle of a criminal investigation. Stephanie Slack and Margret H. Huddleston are producing and filming is slated to commence this month. [Source: Deadline]