Casting: Gilford, Mullan, Orser, Hudson

The Purge 2
Real life husband and wife Zach Gilford (“Friday Night Lights”) and Kiele Sanchez (“Lost”), along with actors Michael K. Williams (“The Wire”) and Carmen Ejogo (“Alex Cross”), have joined the cast of James DeMonaco’s “The Purge” sequel at Universal and Blumhouse.

Frank Grillo also stars in the film which explores a twelve-hour period when all crime is allowed and condoned. The film is currently targeting a June 20th 2014 release. [Source: THR]

Peter Mullan (“Tyrannosaur”) will star as a homeless man who sets out on a road trip across Glasgow, Newcastle, Liverpool and London in Jake Gavin’s directorial debut feature “Victor”.

While he encounters cruelty and indifference, the man also finds compassion and generosity, friendship and humour. Soon, the past he has been trying to escape finally catches up with him. A five week shoot begins in the UK in February. [Source: Screen]

The Gambler
Leland Orser has joined the cast of Rupert Wyatt’s “The Gambler” remake at Paramount. Orser plays Jones, a resentful English professor at UCLA who is the superior of Mark Wahlberg’s character. Brie Larson also stars while William Monahan penned the film. [Source: Deadline]

The Flash
Ernie Hudson (“Ghostbusters”) has revealed he’s under consideration to play Detective West in the upcoming “The Flash” series being spun-off from “Arrow”. Grant Gustin stars as Barry Allen.

Hudson revealed he’s meeting the creators next week about the role, which is that of Barry’s adopted father. Allen’s real father is wrongfully incarcerated for his mother’s death. [Source: GB News]