Casting: Foster, Foulkes, Helms

Jodie Foster is in talks for a role in the comic book adaptation “R.I.P.D.” in which Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges play a pair of undead cops who police undead criminals causing trouble for real life people.

Foster would play Proctor, the boss of Reynolds and Bridges’ undead cops. [Source: We Got This Covered]

Carly Foulkes has been cast as Retro Girl in the upcoming television adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis’ and Michael Avon Oeming’s comic “Powers” for FX.

The story deals with a pair of detectives that investigate superhero-related homicides. Retro Girl is a celebrity heroine whose murder marks the first major case. [Source: Superhero Hype]

True North
“The Hangover” star Ed Helms is being sought for the high concept dramedy “True North”. The actor would play selfish talk-show host whose plane crashes, putting him into a two-year coma.

When he awakens, he finds that his appearance has been surgically altered and then tries to track down his family to reconnect with his former life. [Source: Variety]