Casting: Evans, Heard, Bettany, Akira

The Iceman
Chris Evans has replaced James Franco in Ariel Vromen’s film adaptation of Anthony Bruno’s 1993 crime drama novel “The Iceman: The True Story of a Cold-Blooded Killer”

Michael Shannon plays Richard Kuklinski, the imposing mob hit-man who bragged of committing more than 100 gruesome murders. Evans will play his mentor and shooting begins in January. [Source: EW]

Motor City
Amber Heard (“The Rum Diary”) has been chosen for the female lead opposite Dominic Cooper in Albert Hughes’ revenge thriller “Motor City” at Dark Castle.

The Chad St. John-scripted story has Cooper playing a man released from prison who goes on a revenge mission, hunting down the people who framed him. [Source: Deadline]

The Avengers
Paul Bettany, who provides the voice of Tony Stark’s robot butler J.A.R.V.I.S., has confirmed he will reprise the role in Marvel Studios’ “The Avengers”.

Bettany says “I never get the call until literally about a month or two before the movie comes out, and then they bring me in once everything else is done. I’m literally the last person hired. It’s exactly like voicing animation, except I don’t even have to sync to anything. It’s the easiest gig in the world.” [Source: IF Press]

Though most of them have already been mentioned, several actors are currently testing for the role of Tetsuo in the live-action “Akira” remake at Warner Bros. Pictures.

D.J. Cotrona, Logan Marshal Green, Toby Kebbell, Richard Madden, Rami Malek, Michael Pitt, Paul Dano and Alden Ehrenreich are all up for the part. Garret Hedlund has already been cast as Kaneda while Kristen Stewart has the offer for the role of Ky Reed. [Source: Heat Vision]