Casting: Evans, Bardem, Cohen, Polley

Fast Six
He was previously offered, but now Luke Evans (“The Raven,” “Immortals”) is in negotiations (and close to a deal) to play a villain in the upcoming “Fast Six” at Universal Pictures.

Evans would play the leader of a rival crew of hoods trying to pull off the same heist as Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s crew. The actor is currently in New Zealand shooting “The Hobbit”. [Source: Variety]

Scorpion In Love
Javier Bardem has scored the supporting role of a neo-Nazi in the adaptation of his brother Carlos Bardem’s novel “Alacran Enamorado” (“Scorpion In Love”).

Santiago Zannou helms the contemporary Spain-set, Romeo & Juliet-esque story about a young neo-Nazi nicknamed the ‘Scorpion’ (Alex Gonzalez) who falls for a Latin American immigrant (Judith Diakhate). [Source: Twitchfilm]

Django Unchained
Both Sacha Baron Cohen and Kurt Russell have apparently had to bow out of making cameos in Quentin Tarantino’s western “Django Unchained”.

Cohen confirmed he wasn’t able to cameo due to his commitment to “The Dictator” press tour. The reason for Russell’s departure is unknown, but both roles are likely to be cut rather than recast. [Source: The Film Stage]

Everything Will Be Fine
Sarah Polley is set to star in Wim Wenders’ new 3D drama “Everything Will Be Fine” for Neue Road Movies.

The story follows a man who, over a decade later, is still haunted by a car accident in which he accidentally hit and killed a child. [Source: Variety]