Casting: Elba, White, Dale, David

“British actor Idris Elba (TV’s “The Wire”) has joined the cast of Screen Gems remake of the 1980 slasher classic “Prom Night”. Nelson McCormick is directing and Brittany Snow stars. Elba will play a police detective in ‘Prom’…” (full details)

“Jack White, singer/guitarist for both The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, will cameo as Elvis Presley in John C. Reilly’s fictional musician biopic spoof “Walk Hard”…” (full details)

“Alan Dale isn’t involved in “The Dark Knight”, recent talk of his casting is apparently an “out-of-control rumour”. Dale hasn’t been in contact with “anyone from the film”…” (full details)

“Keith David has been cast to voice decepticon Barricade, the police cruiser in the upcoming “Transformers” movie…” (full details)