Casting: Crowe, Garcia, Linn, Avellan

Good Times, Bad Times
Russell Crowe has quashed rumours that he’s playing Rupert Murdoch in a biopic about the scandalized Aussie media mogul based on Harold Evans’ memoir “Good Times, Bad Times”.

“I haven’t been approached by anyone to play Rupert Murdoch. That’s just a beat up” Crowe tweeted. The rumour first surfaced in the British tabloids. [Source: E! Online]

JoAnna Garcia has joined the cast of Shawn Levy’s new comedy “Interns”. Garcia plays Vince Vaughn’s girlfriend in the film which shoots this Summer in Atlanta.

Owen Wilson and Vaughn as two middle-aged guys who lose their jobs and have to start at the bottom in the new American workforce. [Source: Deadline]

Devil’s Knot
Rex Linn (“CSI: Miami”) has joined the cast of Atom Egoyan’s West Memphis Three-themed “Devil’s Knot”.

Linn will play Chief Inspector Gary Gitchell was the lead investigator in the 1993 case of the Arkansas triple homicide. [Source: Deadline]

Machete Kills
Electra and Elise Avellan are set to reprise their roles from the original “Machete” for Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming sequel “Machete Kills”.

The sisters sisters will once again be playing bad-ass nurses Mona and Lisa. [Source: Variety]