Casting Couch: Wilson, Fahey, Slater

“Owen Wilson, who was hospitalized Sunday, is no longer scheduled to appear in Ben Stiller comedy “Tropic Thunder,” the DreamWorks/Red Hour Films production that is currently filming. Wilson, who had been cast in a supporting role involving a week’s work, had not started shooting his part…” (full details)

“Shooting has begun on the first few episodes of the fourth season of “Lost” and it has been confirmed that FIVE new faces will be joining the series – Jeff Fahey, Jeremy Davies, Lance Reddick, Ken Leung and British actress Rebecca Mader…” (full details)

“Former “Supergirl “Helen Slater is set to play Clark Kent’s real mom Lara in the next season of “Smallville,” whilst Green Arrow (Justin Hartley) will appear along with an as yet unseen “Justice League” character mid-season…” (full details)