Casting Couch: Ruffalo, Ryan, Knight

“Mark Ruffalo is joining Endgame Entertainment’s “The Brothers Bloom”. Ruffalo will portray the older brother in a conman team with Adrien Brody; Kikuchi will play the brothers’ partner in crime who may be hiding secrets of her own. “Brothers” was penned and will be directed by Rian Johnson (“Brick”). Production begins next month…” (full details)

“British soap “Eastenders” star Michelle Ryan has landed the title role on NBC’s drama pilot “The Bionic Woman,” an updated version of the 1970s series. Ryan play a bright woman who is transformed into a technological wonder with $50 million worth of bionic components implanted in her body…” (full details)

“Maggie Gyllenhaal will be the new Rachel Dawes, confirmed by two of Latino Review’s strongest on the money sources…” (full details)