Casting Couch: Houten, Perlman, Chou

“The manager of Carice van Houten (“Black Book”) has told the Dutch press that she will play the wife of Tom Cruise’s character in Bryan Singer’s WWII drama “Valkyrie”…” (full details)

“Ron Perlman and Barbara Hershey are toplining the indie dramedy “Vacuuming the Cat.” Kenny Golde (“The Job”) is directing the project about a young man (Daniel Gillies) who, after suffering the death of his wife (Irma P. Hall), goes to the desert to build a porch for his aunt and meets a retired ex-cop (Pat Crawford Brown) who guides him through his grief toward acceptance…” (full details)

“Collin Chou will play the Jade War Lord alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li in “The Forbidden Kingdom” which Lionsgate will co-release with the Weinstein Company. Rob Minkoff directing from a John Fusco original screenplay based on the Chinese legend of the Monkey King…” (full details)