Casting Couch: Englund, Campbell, Hopper

“Robert Englund wil’ star in “Horror in the Wind,” a currently in production indie film for Revision Studios. Shooting is underway in New Mexico on the project which has a unique premise – it follows the outbreak of an airborne virus that changes the sexual orientation of all who come into contact with it…” (full details)

“Dennis Hopper, Lou Reed and Patti Smith will cameo, whilst Giovanna Mezzogiorno has joined the cast of Wim Wenders’ romantic thriller “The Palermo Shooting” which started shooting Monday in the Sicilian city. The story centers around a hotshot German photographer, played by German rock star Campino, who travels to Sicily in the throes of an existential crisis and falls in love…” (full details)

“Paul Campbell, Andy Griffith, Doris Roberts and Marla Sokoloff will star in indie pic “Play the Game.” The film was written and is being directed by Marc Feinberg. The story tracks a single guy who teaches his widowed grandfather to hit on girls. Filming began Monday in Los Angeles…” (full details)