Casting Couch: Cohen, Cusack, Fry

“Sacha Baron Cohen is very keen on remaking the Blake Edwards/Peter Sellers 1968 cult comedy “The Party” which followed a bumbling Indian extra named Hrundri V. Bakshi attends an over-the-top Hollywood bash who totally disrupts everything. Producer-director Edwards and Cohen recently spoke about the idea in Los Angeles…” (full details)

“Joan Cusack is up for the role of ‘Kim’ in the U.S version of the international hit Australian sitcom “Kath & Kim”. Cusack is apparently dead-keen to slip on the moccasins and trackies made famous by Gina Riley in the local version…” (full details)

“Stephen Fry and Lily Allen will star in the Jane Austen spoof movie “Jane Austen Handheld”. Tristram Shapeero (TV’s “Peep Show,” “Green Wing,” “I’m Alan Partridge”) will direct the comedy, his first full-length feature film…” (full details)