Casting Couch: Bond, Galactus, Indiana

“Another day another Bond rumour, though this is a fun one. Seems that former 007 Timothy Dalton is set to have a small but key role in the next Bond film due for release late 2008, but the producers aren’t specifying what role exactly. Rumour is that a last act twist will see Judi Dench killed as retribution for Bond’s actions in the next film, and Dalton will be lined up as her replacement…” (full details)

“James Earl Jones is set to play the voice of Galactus in the upcoming “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”. The much talked about debate over what Galactus will look like comes down to a nightmare sequence which will show him in the famous humanoid form – in the rest of the film he’ll be more a ‘Chronicles of Riddick’/’Dune’-esque holy army of ships in the form of his visage…” (full details)

Johnathan Rhys-Davies will reprise his role of Sallah in the upcoming fourth “Indiana Jones” film. He isn’t the only one back either, seems that a key role will be that of the daughter of Willie Scott (Kate Capshaw) with many speculating that this is likely the role of Cate Blanchett in the film. Production gets underway in June in Los Angeles…” (full details)