Casting: Campbell, Silverstone, Leo, Dunn

Killing Lincoln
Billy Campbell (“The Killing”) is set to play Abraham Lincoln in National Geographic Channel’s two-hour docudrama “Killing Lincoln” at Scott Free Productions and Herzog & Co.

The project is based on Bill O’reilly and Martin Dugard’s book that chronicles the conspiracy behind Lincoln’s assassination. [Source: Deadline]

Jesus in Cowboy Boots
Alicia Silverstone and Billy Burke will star with Amanda (A.J.) Michalka in William Carey’s coming-of-age comedy-drama “Jesus in Cowboy Boots.”

Michalka plays a small-town girl who struggles with her self absorbed mother (Silverstone). She realizes her potential with the help of her imaginary friend The Cowboy (Burke). [Source: Variety]

Olympus Has Fallen
Melissa Leo and Rick Yune are joining the cast of Antoine Fuqua’s White House-set action thriller “Olympus Has Fallen” at Nu Image/Millennium.

Leo would portray a tough Secretary of Defense who cracks when tortured. Yune plays the villain, a sociopathic North Korean posing as a South Korean ministerial aide. [Source: Heat Vision]

Kevin Dunn and J.K. Simmons have joined the cast of the Joshua Michael Stern-helmed biopic “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher as late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

Dunn will play Apple chairman Gil Amelio. Simmons will appear as venture capitalist and Apple investor Arthur Rock. [Source: THR]