Casting: Cage, Whitaker, Hollander, Samuel

The Trust
Nicolas Cage and “Boardwalk Empire” star Jack Huston are teaming for Alex and Ben Brewer’s crime thriller “The Trust” from the Highland Film Group.

The pair play two evil cops who discover a strangely hidden and guarded safe filled with mysterious contents. Their lust for it unexpectedly thrusts them into a deadly well of corruption leaving them fighting for their lives. [Source: THR]

Forest Whitaker is in talks to join Antoine Fuqua’s boxing drama “Southpaw” at The Weinstein Company. The story follows a former fighter (Jake Gyllenhaal) who tries to overcome a personal tragedy to recapture glory and help his young daughter.

The Kurt Sutter-scripted drama is also seeking Rachel McAdams to play the female lead, and Lupita Nyong’o to play the social worker watching out for the man. [Source: Deadline]

Tom Hollander and Daniel Mays will play the lead roles in the pilot for AMC’s 18th century London-set medical drama “Knifeman”.

The story follows a charming, arrogant, decorum-breaking genius (Hollander) who challenges societal norms to transform his visions into cutting-edge discoveries. Mays plays his widower brother and polar opposite, a prim and proper resident physician at St. Stephens. [Source: The Live Feed]

A Few Less Men
Tim Draxl is out, but Xavier Samuel, Kevin Bishop and Kris Marshall will reprise their roles for “A Few Less Men,” the sequel to the 2011 Aussie comedy “A Few Best Men”. Dean Craig, who wrote the first film, makes his feature directorial debut on the sequel.

All that’s known of the story is that it will involve three men in ill-fitting wedding tuxedos, a coffin, travel plans gone inexplicably awry and more inappropriate behavior. Filming begins in Western Australia in January 2015. [Source: Screen]