Casting: Booth, Kinnaman, Dennings, Dano

Kick Ass 2: Balls to the Wall
Lindy Booth (“Dawn of the Dead,” “Wrong Turn”) is in talks to play Night Bitch in Jeff Wadlow’s “Kick-Ass 2: Balls to the Wall” at MARV Films and Universal. Shooting kicks off in September in Toronto and New York City.

Night Bitch is one of the new heroes who are part of the team called Justice Forever. They quickly get in over their heads when an organized crime group they’re antagonizing wants payback. [Source: Heat Vision]

Knight of Cups
Joel Kinnaman has scored the role of a rich playboy in Terrence Malick’s next “Knight of Cups” which also appears to have recruited a few other familiar faces in small roles.

According to various sources, Antonio Banderas, Thomas Lennon, Michael Wincott and Elvis impersonator Paul Casey have all filmed some scenes for the project. [Source: Film School Rejects]

Thor: The Dark World
In news that will surprise no-one, Kat Dennings is officially set to return for the upcoming sequel “Thor: The Dark World” at Marvel Studios.

Dennings will reprise her role as the techie Darcy Lewis, the comic relief sidekick to Natalie Portman’s love interest in the first film. [Source: Deadline]

Paul Dano admits that he previously had meetings and a screen test with Tony Gilroy for the role of Tetsuo in Warners’ long-gestating remake of anime classic “Akira” before it fell apart.

“I’ve had more than one meeting on it with different filmmakers, it’s been around for awhile… The only way that movie would be worthwhile would be if someone like Rian Johnson did it or something, that’s the version they should make” says Dano. [Source: The Playlist]