Casting: Bentley, Kodjoe, Wilson, Cooper

Final Girl
Wes Bentley (“The Hunger Games”) has joined the cast of Tyler Shields’ psychological thriller “Final Girl”. Bentley will play the lead female character’s trainer who teaches her how to survive.

Abigail Breslin plays a recently arrived teen girl lured into the woods by seniors to be the victim in their final initiation. She turns the tables on them. Shooting begins next month in Vancouver. [Source: Deadline]

Boris Kodjoe (“Resident Evil: Retribution”) has joined the cast of Billie Woodruff’s “Addicted” at Lionsgate.

The story follows a woman in a perfectly quaint marriage who begins having affairs to satisfying her addiction to sex. [Source: Heat Vision]

A Many Splintered Thing
Luke Wilson (“Old School”) will join the likes of Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan and Anthony Mackie in “A Many Splintered Thing”.

The story follows a disillusioned young man pretending to be a philanthropist who falls for a woman at a charity dinner. He feigns a platonic relationship to keep seeing her. [Source: Deadline]

Mark Millar says the filmmakers behind Nacho Vigalondo’s comic book adaptation “Supercrooks” are pursuing “The Hangover” star Bradley Cooper for the lead role.

The story follows a group of supervillains who band together to pull off a heist in Spain where there are no heroes to stop them, only for it to go horribly wrong. [Source: Digital Spy]