Casting: Bell, Yelchin, Livingston, Gish

Man Up
Lake Bell (“In a World…”) will join Simon Pegg in Ben Palmer’s rom-com “Man Up” for Big Talk Productions and Studio Canal. Filming begins in January.

Bell plays a single girl who is mistaken for a stranger’s blind date en route to her parents’ anniversary, leading to her finally finding the perfect boyfriend. [Source: Deadline]

Burying the Ex
Anton Yelchin (“Star Trek”), Ashley Greene (“The Twilight Saga”), Alexandra Daddario (“Percy Jackson”) and Oliver Cooper (“Project X”) have joined the cast of Joe Dante’s horror comedy “Burying the Ex” for Voltage Pictures. Filming begins Monday in Los Angeles.

Yelchin and Greene play a couple whose relationship takes a nose dive once they move in together. When she dies in a freak accident, he prepares to move on with a new girl (Daddario), only for the old flame to rise from the grave. [Source: The Wrap]

Supreme Ruler
Ron Livingston has scored the starring role in Duane Edwards’ slightly comedic indie drama “Supreme Ruler”. Vincent D’Onofrio, Marcia Gay Harden and Brian Geraghty also star.

Livingston plays a small town man whose dream of becoming ‘Supreme Ruler’ of his local Buffalo Lodge is unexpectedly challenged by a hard-drinking womanizer (D’Onofrio). The two are forced to travel to the Chicago national convention to win the support of the organization’s national leaders. [Source: THR]

Annabeth Gish (“The X-Files,” “The Bridge”) has been cast in Mike Flanagan’s psychological thriller “Somnia” at Intrepid Pictures, Demarest Films, and MICA Entertainment. Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane, and Jacob Tremblay also star.

The story follows a couple who take in an orphaned child whose dreams and nightmares manifest when he sleeps. Gish plays the case worker assigned to young Cody. [Source: Deadline]