Casting: Bell, Shanks, Spielberg, Duchovny

“David Duchovny will take the lead in a new untitled series for Showtime about a writer (Duchovny) who juggles a 16-year-old daughter, an ex-wife whom he still cares for and an insatiable appetite for beautiful women. The series begins airing in August…” (full details)

“Stargate SG-1 co-star Michael Shanks has just signed on for a recurring role in FOX’s hit drama “24”. Shanks’s filming for the show begins this week and lasts for four episodes of the current sixth season…” (full details)

“Tobin Bell confirmed at ShoWest that “Saw IV” starts filming April 16th and that he will be back for both Saw IV and Saw V. He can’t tell anyone how though, because he hasn’t read the scripts yet…” (full details)

“Steven Spielberg is committed to crafting three games with Electronic Artists, two of which are in the works at EA LA. One game follows a ‘dramatic event’ on planet Earth, the other will be a Wii game…” (full details)