Casting: Bateman, Barr, Smith, Santelmann

Game Night

Aggregrate Films and Davis Entertainment are teaming to produce Mark Perez’s ensemble dark comedy pitch “Game Night” at New Line.

Jason Bateman will produce and star in the story of a group of couples who get together regularly to play games. On this night, things get real and it becomes a murder mystery. [Source: Deadline]


Matt Barr (“Hatfields & McCoys”) has joined the cast of JFK assassination ensemble drama “Parkland” which is set at Dallas’ Parkland hospital in the hours following the fatal shooting of the President.

Barr will play surgeon Paul Mikkelson, a workmate to Zac Efron’s doctor character. The duo is in the trauma care unit when the wounded President is brought in. [Source: Deadline]

Belly Dancing for Beginners

Sheridan Smith (“Quartet,” “Hysteria”) is to star in writer-director Debbie Isitt’s new comedy “Belly Dancing for Beginners”. An eight week shoot on location in Turkey begins in June.

The story follows a woman who goes on holiday with her mother and sister to mend a recent heartbreak. On arrival, she is horrified to discover she’s been booked into a bellydancing course, and her painfully-recent ex-fiance has also turned up. [Source: Screen]

Northmen: A Viking Saga

German-Norwegian actor Tobias Santelmann (“Kon-Tiki”) is set to play the leader of a band of Vikings stranded behind enemy lines on the coast of ancient Scotland in “Northmen: A Viking Saga” for Elite Film Produktion.

The group are pursued by fierce mercenaries until the Norsemen turn the tables on their enemy and the hunters become the hunted. Claudio Faeh directs the film which will be shot in English. Filming begins in September in Bulgaria. [Source: Variety]