Casting: Bassett, Dreyfuss, Malone, Choi

Olympus Has Fallen
Angela Bassett will play the director of the Secret Service in Antoine Fuqua’s White House action drama “Olympus Has Fallen”.

Aaron Eckhart plays the U.S. President who, along with key members of his administration, are taken hostage and a Secret Service agent (Gerard Butler) tries to stop them. [Source: Deadline]

Richard Dreyfuss has joined the cast of Robert Luketic’s thriller “Paranoia” and the indie “Very Good Girls.”

In “Paranoia”, Liam Hemsworth stars as a blue-collar guy who is blackmailed by his boss into spying on a rival company. In ‘Girls’, Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen star as best friends whose relationship is tested when they fall for the same boy. [Source: Variety]

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Jena Malone is in the running to play the strong-willed tribute Johanna Mason in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”.

The character is said to have a wicked ability to murder, winning her Hunger Games by pretending to be weak and then picking off the other tributes. [Source: EW]

The Wolf Of Wall Street
Kenneth Choi (“Captain America: The First Avenger,” “Red Dawn”) has joined the cast of Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf Of Wall Street”.

Choi will play a friend and finance industry co-worker of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character. [Source: Deadline]