Casting: AWOL, Atlas, Expecting, Chez

Wyatt Russell (“Cowboys & Aliens,” “Poseidon”) has joined the cast of Danny Mooney’s “AWOL” at Lionsgate. Russell will play a character named Topher.

Set during the Vietnam war, the story revolves around a soldier (Austin Stowell) who goes AWOL with his best friend (Liam Hemsworth) after his girlfriend (Aimee Teegarden) leaves him. Production begins shortly in Ann Arbor, Michigan. [Source: Variety]

Cloud Atlas
Bae Doona (“The Host,” “Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance”) has joined the upcoming Wachowski’s $150 million “Cloud Atlas” project.

Doona will play ‘Sonmi 450’, a genetic clone diner waitress about to be executed for rebelling against a society driven by pure capitalism. [Source: Filmonic]

What To Expect When You’re Expecting
Dennis Quaid has joined the cast of Lionsgate’s “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” playing Ramsey.

The character has a much younger wife (Brooklyn Decker) who is giving birth to twins and an adult son who is also expecting his first child and whom he is very competitive with. [Source: Reuters]

Chez Upshaw
Kevin Pollak and Illeana Douglas have joined the cast of Bruce Mason’s dark comedy “Chez Upshaw”.

The story follows a married couple who turn their flailing B&B into a “check in, don’t check out” resort for assisted suicides.

Molly Sims, Greg Grunberg and Shane Johnson also star. Shooting starts later this month. [Source: Variety]