Casting: Affleck, Rylance, Stockman, Jones

Casey Affleck has confirmed he’s joined the cast of Chris Nolan’s upcoming sci-fi epic “Interstellar”.

Like the various other actors already cast, specifics of Affleck’s role have not been mentioned. [Source: Digital Spy]

The Gunman
Tony-winning actor Mark Rylance has joined the cast of Pierre Morel’s action thriller “The Gunman” at Silver Pictures. Javier Bardem, Idris Elba, Ray Winstone and Jasmine Trinca also star.

Sean Penn plays an international operative who is betrayed by the organization he works for, forcing him into a game of cat and mouse across Europe. Rylance will play one of Penn’s nemeses. [Source: THR]

A Good Marriage
Theo Stockman is set to join Peter Askin’s indie adaptation of the Stephen King 2010 novella “A Good Marriage”. King wrote the screenplay.

Joan Allen plays a woman who discovers the sinister and gruesome double life that her husband and the father of their two children (Anthony LaPaglia) has been living. Stockman plays their successful advertising executive son. [Source: Heat Vision]

Theory of Everything
Felicity Jones is set to star opposite Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking in James Marsh’s “Theory Of Everything” at Working Title and Universal Pictures.

Jones will play Hawking’s wife, Jane who met Stephen when he was an able-bodied Cambridge student. They fall in love and even though he is given a death sentence with an ALS diagnosis that means two years to live, she makes the choice to marry him. [Source: Deadline]