Cast Set For “Dead in a Week”

Tom Wilkinson, Aneurin Barnard, Christopher Eccleston, Gethin Anthony and Marion Bailey are all set to star in “Dead in a Week (Or Your Money Back)” which just began a five week shoot in southwest London.

The story follows young man named William (Barnard) who has failed at seven previous suicide attempts. He then outsources the task to Leslie (Wilkinson), an aging hit man on the brink of retirement.

With the contract signed and death assured within a week (or his money back), William suddenly discovers a reason to live. Unfortunately Leslie is under growing pressure from Harvey (Eccleston), the unpleasant head of the shady Guild of Assassins, and as far as he’s concerned the contract is binding.

Tom Edmunds makes his directorial feature debut on the film which also stars Freya Mavor, Nigel Lindsay and Velibor Topic. Daniel-Konrad Cooper and Nick Clark Windo are producing.

Source: Variety