Cast Open For “Futurama” Second Revival

Matt Groening’s cartoon “Futurama” has had more of a life than many expected. Following 72 episodes on FOX, the series was cancelled, revived for four direct-to-disc TV movies, and subsequently resurrected by Comedy Central for a further 52 episodes which came to a close in September last year.

With the characters popping up on “The Simpsons” this year, talk of the show getting further episodes has begun to pick up steam, though the question would be who would be interested in continuing the show. If someone does pick it up, expect the creative team to be onboard for it.

Katey Sagal, who plays Leela on the show, tells Zap2It that the show’s fanbase will likely never let the series die and she’s fine with that:

“I find that show is so fan-driven that it makes sense that somebody should pick it up…[The cast] would totally be on board and I wouldn’t be surprised, you know? It’s a show that always kind of shows up again.”

Her co-star John DiMaggio, who plays Bender, is even more convinced that the series could come back:

“The last episode ended the way it did and totally left the door open for more things to happen. Whether it comes back to network television or goes to something like Netflix or something like that, who’s to say? All I know is that the cast would be ready to do it at the drop of a hat.”