Cast Back For “Hancock” Sequel

Will Smith and Charlize Theron are set to return for the “Hancock” sequel according to director Peter Berg in an interview with MTV News.

Speaking earlier this week, Berg was asked about the two stars participation to which he replied “everybody’s going to come back for a sequel.”

Word began a few weeks ago that serious movement had begun on a follow-up to last year’s critically maligned superhero action/comedy that managed $628 million in ticket sales. Berg was set to direct and scribes Adam Fierro (“24,” “Dexter”) and Glen Mazzara (“The Shield”) were penning a script that Smith was in consultation for.

Story wise, Berg also revealed this week that the film will see a third immortal god enter the storyline and he already has “someone in mind” but “I’m not gonna tell you who, but we have.”

No official deals have yet been signed despite the apparent commitments, and no production or release date has yet been set.