Cassavetes Replaces Neeson In “Hangover 2”

First Mel Gibson was set to cameo as a Bangkok tattoo artist in “The Hangover: Part II”. Then, before he could shoot the scene, Gibson was replaced by Liam Neeson after a near cast/crew revolt.

Now, Variety reports that the already film Neeson’s cameo has been dumped and filmmaker Nick Cassavetes (“The Notebook,” “My Sister’s Keeper”) has been re-cast in the role

Director Todd Phillips says the Thailand-set sequel “follows a similar structure to the first ‘Hangover,’ in that it is a mystery/investigation comedy” with interlocking scenes. During the edit, Phillips cut the scene immediately following Neeson’s cameo which meant his cameo scene no longer fit into the story narratively.

As a result Phillips decided to reshoot the scene but couldn’t get Neeson back as he’s in London shooting the “Clash of the Titans” sequel. With no time to spare, Phillips called up Cassavetes who agreed and quickly came in to shoot the part.