Cassar Talks 24 Movie & Series

Director Jon Cassar, who has shot more than a full two seasons of the hit series “24”, has talked to iF Magazine about the remainder of Season Six and the plans for the still in the works movie version.

In regards to the film he says “It won’t happen in the hiatus this year. It is in the script stage right now, there is a script” and he confirms that “The way it’s written now, there’s no connection [to the series narrative], but that might change”

The real time concept will be used in the film after all, but only partially – “I think the idea is to do an hour of it that sets it up where you can go around the world and set up a story in normal film time, and probably the last hour will be in real time”

Would he direct? “They’ve talked to me about directing, there’s no deal in place, and I really don’t want to say until there is one” he says.

At present they’re currently shooting Episode 18 of the sixth season at the moment. He revealed that Audrey (Kim Raver) is being talked about in regards to returning and her character gets mentioned in a surprising way sometime in episodes next month.

The bargain with the Chinese to get back Jack will come back into play several more times, and President Palmer will stay in Washington though more than one person looks likely to be transferring between the LA & Washington locations in the season.