Casey Affleck Not Sure Of Batfleck’s Return

When Ben Affleck dropped out as director of the upcoming “The Batman” solo outing and was replaced by Matt Reeves, it quickly led to speculation that the actor may be giving up his stint as the Caped Crusader after he wraps work in “Justice League”.

Things quietened down and then resurged with a rumor that Warners was working on plans that would “usher him out” of the role, especially as the DCEU’s future plans became less integrated and Reeves was retooling “The Batman” into serving as the first of a new trilogy.

Affleck turned the talk around last month at Comic Con where he seemed enthusiastic about returning, even though he failed to explicitly deny or confirm continuing his tenure in the role.

Now a new wrinkle has come through via Ben’s younger brother Casey Affleck who says he things Ben won’t be doing the film. Speaking with The Dork podcast (via Cosmic Book News on WEEI Sports Radio Network, the younger Affleck said:

“I thought he was an okay Batman. As far as… Nah, he was great. He’s a hero, so he had something to channel and work with there. But he’s not going to do that movie, I don’t think… [pauses, changes tone] Is that breaking news? I was kind of making that up?”

Was he joking or did he try and backpedal after accidentally letting slip Affleck’s possible departure. We still have Affleck in the role in “Justice League,” but if the report has some truth then the likely departure point for Affleck’s Batman would be “Flashpoint” as all indications are they want this exit to be ‘in canon’ and part of the story as opposed to a straight recasting.