Cary Fukunaga Talks Why He Left “IT”

Cary Fukunaga Talks Why He Left It

As part of a feature piece for GQ ahead of the release of his new Netflix TV series “Maniac,” filmmaker Cary Fukunaga has spoken about his past work and his reputation in Hollywood.

Various topics were brought up including the three-year gap between the release of “Beasts of No Nation” in 2015 and “Maniac” this year, a gap during which he was attached to write and direct the film adaptation of Stephen King’s “IT” until he departed the project over creative differences. Asked about that exit, he says it was due to the studio’s fear of him:

“I think it was fear on their part, that they couldn’t control me. No, they thought they couldn’t control me. I would have been a total collaborator. That was the kind of ridiculous part. It was just more a perception. I have never seen a note and been like, ‘F–k you guys. No way.’ It’s always been a conversation.”

Fukunaga says during the three-year gap he was working the entire time and is aware that he’s “in the prime of my directing life”. Another high profile project in that time was TNT’s “The Alienist” series which was delayed and so led to him having to exit that series. On “IT” he retains a writing credit, on “The Alienist” a producer credit.

Then came “Maniac” which had its own issues including him throwing out scripts and starting from scratch:

“That was me. I was saying this wasn’t good enough. We need to look at this again and tear it apart and go again. I was like, ‘The whole joy in this is to be able to play with different worlds and we’re not doing that. So we need to figure out a way to make that happen.'”

“Maniac” launches on the service in full on September 21st.