Caruso vs. Wiseman Over Wolverine

It’s eccentric vs. disappointing in the race to helm the upcoming “Wolverine” spin-off feature film for 20th Century Fox.

The IESB reports that there are two names on the short list of directors the studio has in mind – DJ Caruso & Len Wiseman.

Caruso has been a player in the movie field for many years, initially a producer of mid-90’s thrillers like “Drop Zone,” “Point of No Return” and “Nick of Time.” Lately though he’s been more known for his directorial work on films like “Taking Lives,” “The Salton Sea,” “Two for the Money” and the recent hit “Disturbia”. He’s also worked on shows like “The Shield” and “Smallville.”

Len Wiseman on the other hand is still a fresh face, mostly known for his work writing and directing the “Underworld” movies, his movie star looks, and a gorgeous wife in the form of Kate Beckinsale. His first major job is this Summer’s upcoming “Live Free or Die Hard.”

Caruso seems to be the favourite, but is being highly sought by others at the moment. If “Die Hard” is a success for Fox however, it makes sense for Wiseman to be attached.

David Goyer has already signed on to direct the “Magneto” spin-off movie.