Carrie Fisher Is Why “Last Jedi” Is Full Of Bling

When it comes to aesthetics “Star Trek” was the clean one, “Star Wars” the dirty one. The former featured spaceships with interiors like luxury hotels while aliens were mostly humans with makeup prosthesis and lots of bling. The latter was all grungy workplaces like the floor of a garage, aliens were puppets and glamour is in short supply.

Chalk it up to the late great Carrie Fisher though for amusingly pushing for more jewellery in the “Star Wars” universe with “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” director Rian Johnson revealing on Twitter that: “In rehearsals Carrie grabbed my arm and told me with great urgency that we needed ‘space jewelry’. I thought that was a fabulous idea. So.”

Indeed some of the commentary about the over-analysed trailers have gone to all the adornments worn by multiple key characters in the film in a franchise not normally known for it. Supreme Leader Snoke has a giant black-jewelled ring, Poe Dameron wears a ring around his neck, new character Rose wears a necklace that ties into her backstory, Luke Skywalker is rumored to possess a certain special necklace, and of course Leia herself is outfitted in her own stylish jewels.

“Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and all its necklaces opens December 15th.